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With many generations of expertise, we proudly grow remarkable wild blueberries destined to the world markets.

Grand Blue stands out in the Canadian IQF frozen wild blueberry market with its alliance between a group of established wild blueberry growers and Emblem Cranberry. Guided by its environmental values, Grand Blue applies efficient and sustainable growing and transforming processes. Most wild blueberries we process come from the fields belonging to Coop Grand Bleu. This supply structure ensures stability and reliability for our customers in the world markets.

Our story

Our story began in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, and on the Côte Nord where wild blueberries have grown for many decades in the Boreal forests. In 2021, growers from the Coop Grand Bleu and Emblem Cranberry merged their expertise to create Grand Blue Freezing , also known as Grand Blue, whose business model is to freeze and distribute these precious superfruits on the world markets.

Our growers

Our growers/partners are passionate about their naturally authentic, sweet, and tasty wild blueberries. The growers’ approach respects ethical and ecological concerns, as well as sustainable development. Wild blueberry growers represent over 100 families, from the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and on the Côte Nord in Quebec and from elsewhere in Canada. Collectively, our growers have a powerful impact and are committed to maintaining the authentic and “wild” side of wild blueberry growing.

Our commitment

Growing our premium wild blueberries in a responsible and sustainable manner to meet expectations and requirements relating to customers’ health and environment in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world. This is what motivates us to provide utmost care to all our operations, from the pampering of our fields to outstanding customer service thus maintaining the highest standards in the industry. The close partnership with our growers combined with our great production capacity results in year-long availability of our IQF frozen wild blueberries, as well as full traceability from the fields to the finished product.

Our products

Our wild blueberries are grown to perfect ripeness and meet quality requirements to ensure that they are healthy and flavourful.

Nutritious organic superfruit harvested in the Canadian Boreal forest. Full of antioxidants.

Rich in nutrients. Natural and intense blue colour. Tested for pesticide residues.

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