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We specialize in growing and commercializing Canadian wild blueberries.

At Grand Blue, growing wild blueberries is truly part of our company’s DNA. The synergy with our growers ensures stable, continuous supply, rigorous quality control, and optimal traceability. Our great production capacity and our individual quick freezing (IQF) process result in premium quality wild blueberries, thus making Grand Blue a valued partner for food processors all over the world.

Our facilities

Our brand-new 230,000 square feet (21,637 square meters) facility equipped with cutting-edge technology ensures great production flexibility and impressive processing capacity of 15 million pounds a year of wild blueberries. Our 140,000 square feet (13000 square meters) storage capacity secures optimal and continuous inventory levels for our customers.

All our blueberries are certified

Powered by Emblem Cranberry

FSSC 22000

Complete certification for Food Safety Management recognized by GFSI – Emblem is a certified plant.


Certified organic by Ecocert Canada

EU Organic

Certified organic by the European Union


Compliant with the Jewish Community Council of Montreal’s kosher norms

USDA Organic

Certified organic by the USA’s Department of Agriculture


Certified Halal par Halal Montreal Certification Authority

Learn more about the differences between wild and cultivated blueberries

Wild blueberries

More flavourful and sweeter than cultivated blueberries

Contain double the antioxidants, more vitamins and minerals compared to cultivated blueberries

High concentration of flavonoid anthocyanins, which protect against inflammation.

Frozen at peak freshness therefore preserving its taste and health benefits

Cultivated blueberries

Bleed more in baking

Lesser antioxidant benefits

Contain more carbohydrate sugars than wild blueberries

Higher water content than wild blueberries

Discover why our process makes us industry leaders

We ensure our wild blueberries’ quality by minimizing their handling and by a thorough cleaning process. Our precious blues are then quickly individually frozen (IQF), which preserves their shape, colour, and flavour, truly making them a superfruit!

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